Welcome to Southern Log Wholesalers

In our 30+ years of business, we have successfully milled and constructed hundreds of beautiful log homes and are now anticipating your visit. We look forward to getting you underway making your dream home a reality.We will describe to you the type of logs we use, why we use them, the method of construction we believe to be best suited for log home construction, and why you should use Southern Log Wholesalers in assisting you in building your dream home!

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Onsite Mill

We mill the logs ourselves to assure quality in our product and save you money.
Our logs are milled out of Southern Yellow Pine, Virginia Pine, White Pine or Cedar.

The log is milled to a round, D cut or square depending on your needs and dado cut for the butt joints, window, and door openings. Our logs are treated at the mill with a temporary mildew retardant.

We are excited about helping you build your dream log home...contact Southern Log Wholesalers, and get started today!